Together with our customer through this pandemic, HD Bank remains our high and constant development, controlling bad debt under 1.1%.

HDBank Reports 2,908 billion VND Profit Before Tax for the First Half-Year
Ho Chi Minh city Development Joint Stock Commercial Bank (HDBank- HDB) has just announced profit before tax for the first half-year period achieving 2,908 billion VND. Separated bad debt ratio has been controlled at only 1.1% - the lowest figure in the system, with all VAMC bond are settled. 
Many campaigns supporting the customers through this COVID -19 pandemic has been implemented by HD Bank.
In the first 6 months, all HDBank ‘s business targets have shown a strong improvement. Total mobilized capital achieved 213,932 billion VND, among which capital mobilized from business organizations and residents achieved 178,524 billion VND, increasing 18.2% compared to year 2019. Credit balance reached 168,772 billion VND, increased 10.3%.
Total consolidated operating income reached 6,346 billion VND, grow 22.7% compared to the same period last year, of which net interest income achieved 5,664 billion VND, increased 30.1%. Other operating services, securities trading investment also shown positive results.
Besides, operating expenses were effectively managed at 2,738 billion VND, which helps cost income ratio decrease from 47% in the same period last year down to 43.1%. Over the first 6-month period, the bank has increasingly open a provision for credit loss to settle before due date all the bad debts sold for VAMC, at the same time improve the resource of managing credit risk. Hence, provision expense was 700 billion VND, increasing 168 billion VND compared to the same period last year.
Profit before tax reached 2,908 billion VND, up 31.5% over the same period of 2019, accomplished 51.4% of the targeted goals from General Meeting of Shareholders. Return on equity achieved 21.6% and a return on asset achieved 1.97%, greatly increased compared to the same period last year.
HDBank’s asset quality is among the best in the industry with the separate bad debt ratio of only 1.1%. All VAMC bonds were liquidated earlier than planned. In addition to maintaining the quality of assets, HDBank also continuously strengthens its financial health with capital adequacy ratio (CAR) (according to Basel II) increasing from 10.6% to 11.5%. The ratio of short- term fund for medium and long-term loans is only 21%, continues being one of the banks with the highest capital adequacy and liquidity.
HDBank has opened 8 new transaction sites and offices, elevating the operating scale up to 294 banking transaction sites. The number of transaction sites for Consumer Finance from HDSaison Company was expanded to 18,025 places, remaining the No. 1 position in the market in terms of distribution channel system.
Sharing with community to overcome the pandemic and sustainable growth
Under the difficulties caused by the Covid-19 epidemic and unfavorable macro factors, HDBank; recognition of high and sustainable business results has shown a solid foundation of HDBank together with our flexibility and proactiveness when facing to challenges.
In the period when the economy has entered a “new normal” stage, HDBank has implemented risk management programs, ensuring safety in our operation, at the same time offering credit packages with attractive interest rates, waiving transaction fees as a support to our customers and help them to overcome difficulties caused by Covid-19.
Our bank spent 24,000 billion VND to support small and medium enterprises customers; 10,000 billion VND to help micro business, individual business households, individual customers who expanding their business production, invest in high-tech agriculture, clean agriculture, renewable energy ...
In addition to credit products, the bank also executes many services applying modern technology to offer customers more utilities on mobile banking and internet banking, as well as digitizing internal processes and transactions, with an aim to a digital, paperless bank.
HD Bank is the pioneer in the service of opening Corporate account through online transactions and digital signatures. We are also the first bank in Vietnam to participate in Electronic Trading Platform sponsored by TradeAssets, to connect and process trading financial transactions on the blockchain application platform. Recently, our bank has launched a global payment query service via Swift GPI to help customers update quick and accurate information about the status of processing international money transfers.
Concurrently, the bank has been together with our country to combat the Covid-19 epidemic and the drought by saline water intrusion, contributing to the community to ensure wellness for our people. HDBank also continued to be the only Vietnamese bank in the three consecutive years chosen as “The best workplace in Asia 2020”.