BizLIVE - DEG - Europe's leading financial institution, belonging to the German Government's KWF Development Bank - cooperates with HDBank to open German Desk at Vietnam and this is the 7th service point of this institution worldwide. This is HDBank’s third specialized service for foreign businesses, in addition to "Japanese Desk" and "China/Taiwan Desk".
Leading European Financial Institution and HDBank Launches German Desk Service in Vietnam

“German Desk” – The 7th service point of DEG globally, which locates at HDBank Head Office (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam), is expected to be a bridge to promote economic and commercial development between German and European businesses and Vietnamese partners.

HDBank is DEG's financial institution partner in Vietnam, providing commercial banking solutions for German businesses in Vietnam as well as Vietnamese companies exporting to Germany and other European countries. Additionally, through German Desk, DEG will provide support programs and financial solutions for businesses to borrow capital to promote their business, corporate governance, personnel training, waste reduction in the production process, energy efficiency, technology exchange, equipment import and export, etc,

With German Desk, businesses of the two countries will benefit from the close relationship between HDBank and DEG by capturing opportunities in the local business community as well as countries in the European region.

HDBank is the pioneer bank to open specialized services for foreign businesses in Vietnam. With a team of dedicated staff who speak Japanese, Chinese, English, French and now German, HDBank contributes to narrowing the language and cultural gap so that foreign-invested enterprises can integrate and adapt to the local culture, creating a solid foundation for success and sustainable development in the new business environment.

With its capacity and vision, HDBank offers credit programs, products, and service packages for its diverse customer base. Particularly for the FDI sector (foreign direct investment), HDBank always accompanies investors, offering customized and optimal solutions that are suitable to the unique requirements of each enterprise when operating in Vietnam. Based on the strategic cooperation with DEG, HDBank's German Desk will contribute to promoting deeper and more effective trade and investment activities between Vietnam and German and European businesses, especially in the context of The EVFTA and EVIPA have just come into effect in the past year. Together with the government to create an attractive business environment in Vietnam, HDBank affirms its capacity to provide services, further strengthening the confidence of foreign investors.

DEG is a private investment financial institution belonging to the German Government's KFW Development Bank, one of the top 15 members of the European Development Finance Institutions (EDFI). DEG is present in 19 countries, managing a portfolio of 8.6 billion euros in financial partnerships with large and reputable private-sector corporations globally.

In September 2020, HDBank issued convertible bonds to DEG with a value of 30 million USD. HDBank's success in mobilizing long-term capital from major institutions in the world such as DEG has affirmed the brand value and reputation of the bank in the international market. Along with the prospect of Vietnam's banking industry, HDBank is a leading prestigious brand with strong and sustainable development capacity, meeting the expectations of domestic and foreign investors.