BizLIVE - HDBank has just been honored as one of the representative enterprises of Vietnam - ASEAN 2020 for its outstanding contributions to the regional and global economic development.
HDBank – Representative Cnterprise of Vietnam - ASEAN 2020
Ảnh minh họa.
At the “ASEAN Business Forum + 3 (Japan, Korea, India) organized by the Vietnam - ASEAN Association for Economic Cooperation Development in Hanoi, among other prestigious enterprises, HDBank has been honored for its active contributions in prosperous and sustainable development in the era of the booming Technology Revolution 4.0.
Beside social security policies, investment and technology development policies, environmental protection policies, and contruction policies of green economic community of HDBank also achieved high scores and was recognized for its contribution to promote a fair and civilized society, and a modern and sustainable business environment as well as promoting the image of the country and people of Vietnam to the international community.
For more than 30 years of incorporation and development, HDBank has provided quality products and services to the community, serving a large number of people across the country, improving the quality of life and aiming for a better future.
Up to the current year, HDBank has more than 300 transaction offices, 18,000 financial transaction points and 17,000 employees. In addition to a unique ecosystem including Banking - Consumer Finance, Retail, Aviation, Energy, Telecommunications, Real Estate, etc,  HDBank is targeting a leading bank in retail, finance – consumer and SMEs which serves nearly 10 million customers.
In the trend of increasingly deepening international integration, HDBank has been investing heavily in technology and human resources, connecting with partners and financial institutions in the ASEAN +3 region, ASEAN nations and the other countries worldwide to enhance business cooperation and contribute to Vietnam’s economic integration journey.
HDBank’s pioneering in creating specialized product services for foreign direct investment enterprises in Vietnam (FDI), of which includes the program “Japan Desk”, and “Korea Desk”; besides, Vietjet Air’s combination of promoting trade through air transport to the Indian market of 1.1 billion people has directly affirmed the dedication of HDBank and its partners In the same ecosystemof the Asean +3 market in particular.
In 2020, HDBank is the first bank in Vietnam to deploy numeroius modern technology application services such as joining TradeAssets Trade Finance E-marketplace, joining Contour - an open commercial and financial network, deploying the Global Payment Query Service via Swift GPI.
At the same time, HDBank also applies advanced technology, modernizes the process to satisfy management requirements according to international standards in conformity with the scale of operations and  as well as strong growth of HDBank, thereby providing convenient and civilized financial product services that satisfy customers in the market.
With strong financial potential and global-level management experience, HDBank is a reliable local partner of foreign corporations, enterprises and organizations which desire to invest and expand relationships of economics, culture, education and health.