Company introduces a slew of new features to enhance user experience and reduce friction for customers, drivers and merchants.

Gojek Reaches 200,000 Registered Driver-partners
Recently, Gojek, Southeast Asia’s leading mobile on-demand services platform, announced that it has reached 200,000 motorbike driver-partners in Vietnam. The platform currently connects millions of users in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi to services including transportation (GoRide), parcel delivery (GoSend) and online food delivery services (GoFood), while supporting the growth of its tens of thousands of merchants. The new milestone reflects the company’s success in meeting the shifting needs of its growing user base as well as thousands of new merchants on GoFood amid COVID-19.
In addition to providing partners with a healthy and stable source of income, Gojek continues to go to great lengths to care for its driver-partners, offering support programs, on-trip insurance and more. Amid the pandemic, Gojek stepped up its efforts to ensure the health and safety of everyone in its ecosystem - and most importantly its drivers, who were on the frontlines, meeting the daily needs of the community. This included the provision of free antibacterial masks, dedicated health insurance, vouchers to defray daily costs and more. 
The Gojek app was officially launched in Vietnam in August 2020, following the rebrand of its existing operations in Vietnam, GoViet. Since then, the company has introduced a slew of new features to enhance user experience for its customers, drivers and merchants.
●For customers, Gojek has introduced features like "Suggest locations near you", "Share image", "Save frequently used address" and "Share order information" to enable greater convenience and reduce errors and potential miscommunication between customers and drivers. New safety features have also been added to GoRide, such as trip sharing, an emergency button and a trip report option that allows riders to provide feedback on the service quality of their driver.
● For drivers, Gojek has rolled out new features within GoPartner, its dedicated app for driver-partners, to further enhance safety for customers, while delivering a better overall experience for drivers. These include facial recognition, which verifies the identity of the driver-partner, as well as a customer rating feature, which gives driver-partners an opportunity to share feedback if they believe they ve been rated unfairly by a customer.
● For merchants, Gojek recently launched GoBiz, a dedicated app aimed at helping them manage and grow their businesses. The app includes many features that optimize the online food delivery process, enabling merchants to deliver a better experience to their customers, while simplifying business management. Merchants can use the app to track orders as well as manage order performance, enabling them to make timely adjustments to inventory and human resources to boost sales. Gojek is also one of the first food delivery apps to launch an online onboarding process, which simplifies the entire registration process and shortens the time from registration to operation on GoFood from months to 10-14 days.
Duc Phung, General Manager of Gojek Vietnam, said: “With the mission to remove life’s daily frictions, Gojek continuously innovates to meet the ever-changing needs of users and to ensure our partners are supported. Our efforts over the past year, including improvements to the app, an increase in the quantity and quality of our driver-partners, and the introduction of new initiatives for our customers and partners, put Gojek in a  strong position to grow in 2021. We are working on some exciting new things in the year ahead as part of our continued commitment to making a positive impact in Vietnam for many years to come.”